I have started many projects over the years, but most of them do not pass the phase where I have simply proven that they could theoretically be completed. The following projects are the more recent ones which have been seen through to some degree.


Like all the things I seem to be interested in these days, Thruster is my attempt to help people validate their startup idea with an MVP landing page. There are enough landing page builders out there at the moment and I done want to clone any of them, instead I want to supply the essential building blocks to take an idea to the next phase of development. The landing page is just one aspect, I would like to help people get the word out, and help them get feedback on their idea. So many people are focused on getting signups and forget that Lean Startup is all about closing the feedback loop.

Deploy Early

After being introduced to Lean Startup, a friend and I decided to start blogging and writing about it. To be honest we mostly just tweet interesting things from around the internet, and I’m not as involved in it as he is, but its still an area of interest to me and there is still a lot to learn.


Togmosh was something I would have loved to use during the photography phase of my life. The idea was that browsing a dozen sites to see the new photos your frieds had uploaded was laborious, and that it would be nice to have a single location where you could browse all the new content, as well as make comments as well as publish your photos to multiple networks. Im not talking about Facebook or Twitter here, Im talking about photography sites like Flickr, 500px, or Instagram. This was my first serious project, and took forever and didnt get very far. I started with Sinatra and MongoDB, both of which I did not enjoy working with. It then got converted to Ruby on Rails (my first Rails project) and a relational database. Over the year which I worked on it the scope changed and I lost interest. I also got became familiar with the Lean Startup movement and realized that I was going about everything the wrong way. Having since moved onto something else, I will be making the source code for this project available online with a rather permissive licence in the hope that someone can learn or benefit from it in some way.